Land Use Capability (LUC) is a land mapping and classification system.

Figure 1: Components of Land Use Capacity Classification System (LUC-CS) .

LUC mapping used national mapping standards and inventory classifications. It was performed on the basis of field mapping and assessment, extensive aerial photo interpretation and office checks, map production, digital entry and coding, always following strict quality control standards.

The LUC classification system has three components arranged in a hierarchical structure: LUC Class, LUC Subclass, and LUC Unit.

Each component is represented by a number or symbol and the information relevant to each LUC unit is presented in an extended legend that accompanies the map / data.

Figure 1 illustrates the relationship between the three components of the LUC-CS. For specific details see Section 3 of the Land Use Capability Survey Handbook (3rd Edition).

The LUC components in more detail:

LUC Classes
LUC Subclass
LUC Unit
Extended legend

More information on the Land Use Capability Classification can be found in Section 3 of the Land Use Capability Survey Handbook (3rd Edition) on pages 48 to 89. 

If using the LRIS Portal to access LUC data the relevant extended legend or LUC unit description will contain this information.