Your pathway to LUC-related documentation

An impressive amount of material has been published on the various LUC surveys around the country. As most of this has happened in the pre-digital era and through organisations no longer existing, some documentation can be hard to get.

Try the resources below. If all fails, do not hesitate to contact us.

Library search for LUC related documenation

WorldCat offers a comprehensive search for items available from NZ libraries. This includes items on the Manaaki Whenua library catalogue.

For example, a search for documents with 'land use capability' in the title can be done through

Filters can be applied to narrow done the results.


National Library

Search New Zealand's largest repository:


Explore the wide range of our in-house publications

MWLR Publications

Browse and read our newsletters, corporate publications, factsheets, or books & monographs on the New Zealand land environment.

Essential reports and maps have been digitised and are available via the Manaaki Whenua Digital Library.

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