LUC Handbook

The LUC Handbook introduces the reader to the contemporary methods and standards of the LUC system

It is a welcome addition to the professional training capability available for land managers, and ongoing updates and revisions ensure that the Handbook continues to remain relevant.

The third edition handbook (reprinted with minor revisions 2021) replaces the second edition printed in 1971 and reprinted in 1974.

While the 2009 print of the 3rd edition is available for free download, the 2021 re-print needs to be purchased.

Land Use Capability Survey Hand-book

Third edition details

The 2021 re-print contains minor revisions by Ian Lynn and Andrew Manderson. The handbook has been reprinted with support from Manaaki Whenua – Landcare Research and the New Zealand Soil Science Society.

This latest edition of the handbook remains faithful to the concepts documented in the second edition.

However, a systematic review of each component of the classification has been undertaken by a team of scientists, some involved with the preparation of the New Zealand Land Resource Inventory, a country-wide database prepared between 1975 and 1998.

This database provided national Land Use Capability assessment standards. A panel of regional council land management advisors experienced in Land Use Capability assessments has participated in the process through workshops and reviews.

The combination of science and application has ensured the classification system remains operationally based, contains more quantitative rigour, and as a consequence has ensured the system will remain relevant well into the future.

The handbook introduces the reader to the contemporary methods and standards of the LUC system, including:

  1. How to prepare a physical inventory of the land resource
  2. How to rank land according to its general capability for sustained production
  3. How to identify the dominant limitations to sustainable use
  4. How to classify similar areas of land for selective use and management

How to cite:

Lynn IH, Manderson AK, Page MJ, Harmsworth GR, Eyles GO, Douglas GB, Mackay AD, Newsome PJF 2021. Land Use Capability Survey Hand-book – a New Zealand handbook for the classification of land, 3rd ed. (revised & reprinted). Hamilton, AgResearch; Lincoln, Manaaki Whenua – Landcare Research New Zealand Ltd; Lower Hutt, GNS Science. 163p.